ATTENTION! On canceled flights due to major cause of force by risk of CORONAVIRUS, COMPENSATION DOES NOT APPLY, but WE CAN CLAIM A REFUND OF YOUR TICKET.

Compensation from 250€ to 600€ Depending on the days of delay or if the luggage is totally lost

We work with all the airlines

100% online, no worries

Up to 1.400€ per passenger

In good hands, 98% success rate

1. Your flight's data

2. Did you have any connection in your trip?

Full itinerary

First flight origin
Final destination

Were you offered an alternate flight?

Claim Details

What reason did the airline give you?

What kind of strike?

How far in advance the airline informed you about the cancellation?

Delay time for you arrival?

Which alternatives did the airline offer you to the denied boarding?

Did the airline offer you accommodation for the night?

Did the airline offer you food and/or drink during the wait?

Did the airline give you any compensation for the incident?

Which compensation did they give you?

Did you voluntarily renounce to your reservation in exchange for any other benefit? (Miles, points, ticket's worth ...)

Delay time for you arrival?

Do you have the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) document?

What problem did you have with your luggage?

Have you already recovered your luggage?

It's been 21 (or more) days since the loss of your luggage?

What day did you get your luggage?

How many luggage pieces have been affected?

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