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Populetic is a platform that helps users resolve their claims with companies.

At Populetic we have a claims' team experts who deal directly with the company on the most effective channels to recover your compensation.

How much will the claim cost me?

Placing the claim is totally free and has no initial costs for you.

We don't charge any services until the resolution has been successfully resolved. In this case, our compensation is drawn directly from the compensation received by the airline, so it has no cost to you. And it corresponds to 25% + VAT.

Are there any additional costs in case of legal action?

Many times the airlines think that they can get away by not paying the compensation that corresponds to them. That's when our lawyers take legal action in your name..

There are many costs involved in taking legal action, but none for you. Populetic will pay all additional costs, including court fees and attorney fees. No matter, if the case is won or lost, Populetic pays all the additional costs.

If we win your compensation after a legal action, you'll be charged 25% + VAT.

What happens if I lose? How much doest it will cost me?

Nothing, in case of loss, we assume all the costs of the process. As simple as that.

Our mission is to change the rules of the game and create a better relationship between consumers and companies that contributes to make a better and more transparent society for us and the next generations.

We want to make life easier for everyone: users don't need to know where to go if they have a problem, what to do, who to turn to ... If they have a problem they just have to do one thing: to put their claim on Populetic. We'll be in charge to look for the person, to contact the company, to fight for the the user's rights and to solve his claim.

In addition, by making it in Populetic in conjunction with other consumers and based on a specialized social platform and connected to other social networks, the complaints acquire more strength and notoriety. And the claim will make more pressure on the company, which will be solved earlier and more satisfactorily for the user.

Populetic is based on the strength of the number of followers and on its ability to be its voice on the internet, social networks, forums and media.

We are not one, we are Populetic.

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