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Compensation from € 250 to € 1,500 per passenger without
no initial costs for you. We only charge if you win

Claim your compensation for free

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Claim's Details

I want to claim for:

The Flight number is the set of digits that appear on your ticket ( Example )
Did the flight has any scales?

Delay time for you arrival?

Delay time for you arrival?

With how much time has the airline informed you about the cancellation?

Delay time for you arrival?

Did you voluntarily renounce to your reservation in exchange for a profit? (Miles, points, ticket's worth ...)

Do you have the document P.I.R.?

P.I.R. (Part of Baggage Irregularity), is a document that proves before the airline the existence of some irregularity in the return of the luggage.

What problem did you have with your luggage?

Have you already recovered your luggage?

It's been 21 days since the loss of your luggage?

What day did you get your luggage?

What reason did the airline give you?

This reason is considered an "extraordinary circumstance", so we'll have to examine your case in more detail.