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About us

What is Populetic?

Populetic is an online social platform to help users to resolve their complaints and consumer claims with companies and administrations.

We want to help consumers resolve their claims, and help companies to improve their customer service processes and reputation.

Our mission

Before creating an account and becoming a registered user of the social platform Populetic (hereinafter also referred to as "the Service"), owned by Customer Care Technologies, SL, you must read this Privacy Policy (hereinafter, "Privacy Policy") and accept it by checking the box established in the Populetic registration form or by means of the equivalent procedure that is established, if applicable.

Our mission is to change the rules of the game and create a better relationship between consumers and companies that contributes to create a better and more transparent society for us and the next generations.

We want to make life easier for everyone: users don't need to know where to go if they have a problem, what to do, to whom going, etc ... If they have a problem they'll have to do one thing: expose it to Populetic. We'll be in charge to looking for the person, contact with the company, etc ...

What is clear is that a joint action between the affected and Populetic will be more successful, if we'll put more pressure on the company to improve its behavior.

Populetic is based on the strength of the number of followers and their ability to be its voice on the internet, social networks, forums and media.

We are not one, we are Populetic!