We claim the cancellation, delay, overbooking or loss of suitcases of your flight

Until € 1,500 per passenger

Recover your money with Populetic

All airlines

Clear and transparent management

We advance expenses, if there are

In good hands, 98% de éxito

How do we work?

1. Fill the form

So that our lawyers have all the necessary information to start the claim immediately

2. Extrajudicial agreement

To recover your money as soon as possible, our lawyers first try to reach an out-of-court settlement With the airline

3. Lawsuit

Yes The airline Does not agree, we file a lawsuit against them. We take care of all the paperwork

4. We won your claim

98% de éxito. Una vez ganada la reclamación cobramos nuestros honorarios y te transferimos tu dinero

How much will the claim cost you??

Our services do not have any initial costs for you

Our fees are 25% (VAT not included) Of your compensation only if we win

Ventajas de reclamar con Populetic


Compensation of € 250 and € 1,500 per passenger At no initial cost to you


You do not have to anticipate money. Our fees are deducted directly from the compensation received


Our lawyers take care of all the formalities of your claim

In good hands

98% de éxito. All airlines. Clear and transparent management

About us?

Populetic aims to help consumers solve the problems they have had with their flights, and get an indemnity from the airline.

At Populetic we claim for the rights of the passengers. We give voice to the affected person, and we put pressure on the airlines to obtain the compensations that correspond to them and to avoid that other people suffer the same thing.

Quienes somos

Satisfied customers

Problems with your flight?

Often airlines, They think they can get away with not paying their compensation. That's when our lawyers take legal action for you..

What do they say about us?

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